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Mary Lee and Mauro Montezuma are partners in music and life, they are married and work together in two bands. One of them, Mary Lee & the B-Side Brothers, band that already counts on 2 cds and 3 European Tours. In this formation Mary Lee and Mauro divide the stages with two more partners.
But it's in the duo Mary Lee & the Devil that Prays that the couple explores all their complicity.
The idea of starting to play just the two came because of the rushing life they have to reconcile a tattoo studio, the band and three children. So any time of day that gives a time to make music, there is already the possibility of play. Another unique moment is to play every day for their younger son to sleep.
The style of sound ranges from folk, country outlaw,bluegrass with pinch of punk!
Many duets bring the Mary Lee's soft voice contrasting with Mauro's unique guttural voice. Without limitations of what can be done, several instruments are used. Montezuma, jokes about the things from trash that he use. For example a bucket attached to a chair turn into a bass drum, sticks from threes like drumsticks ... whatever the imagination allows. After all how the couple always says: "Anything can be played and become music!". 



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  • Freitag, 22. Oktober 2021 20:00

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